Aafje Bep van Grieken

I am facinated by the powers and beauty of nature, science, technology and the human interaction with it. I studied Chemistry, Biobased Technology, for three years at Avans University in Breda (NL). In July 2022 I finished the bachelor Design Art and Technology in Arnhem (NL).

If you have any questions send me an email: info@aafjebep.nl or go to my instagram page.

Exhibitions / events / CV

2021 Currently working as a chef at restaurant FoodVia

2021 Internship at Studio Nienke Hoogvliet (August - October)

2021 XYZ - exhibition at Marktplein Arnhem (June 24)

2021 The assessment /A didactic educational event - exhibition (Hisveltplein Arnhem - June 2)

2021 Hot Streams Wet Dreams - online web event

2021 Vectorpuppets - Website Exhibition  (March 24)

2020 ABOUT:COLOR - BARB Podcast (June 10)

2019 BL 10.1 final crack (cracked by r2r).rar sounddesign - Sound Design Exhibition (November 28/29)

2016 Spinning biobased fiber at Applied Polymer Innovations B.V. Emmen


2018-2022 Design Art and Technology, ArtEZ Arnhem

2017-2018 Vooropleiding Art & Design, ArtEZ Arnhem

2014-2017 Biobased Technology, Avans hogeschool