A space formed by six identical square faces joined along their edges — CUBE

Have you ever looked up at the sky, thinking there is nothing more beyond it? It being a skybox, and textures on every object you see. Are you in the real world? What is real and what is virtual? What is a material? The virtual world is constructed out of primitives, like a cube. These mathematical virtual objects are all platonic elements. What is happening when we virtualise all kind of things around us? Math is abstract and not tangible.

Non-physical essences of all things, of which objects and matter in the physical world are merely imitations”  -Theory of Forms (Plato)

What is default and what is a material? Placing a typical virtual object in the real world, like this cube, blurs this line even more. Do you still believe your senses when you see this in VR and at the same time you feel it too. A cube is a solid three-dimensional figure, which has 6 square faces, 8 vertices and 12 edges. This mathematical object is made both in the physical and virtual world. The most basic and default object. You can see it in VR, it can be every material, but the tactility of the cube makes you realise that it is a real object in the world.